What is Synchro?

Synchronized swimming is a fun sport which combines swimming, dancing and gymnastics. Synchronized swimmers perform routines in solos, duets, trios, or teams, which are accompanied by music. Athletes of the sport require water skills, which include, strength, endurance, flexibility, grace, artistry, precise timing, and good breath control, when upside down in the water!

Synchronized swimming coaches choreograph a routine, or acrobatic dance, for solo swimmers, or swimmers in teams. Teams usually comprise four to ten swimmers of a similar age, and ability range. Swimmers do have the option to train in extra routines, in the form of solos or duets, if they so desire.

Competitive synchronized swimmers also train on land to develop the skills needed for coordination and agility in the water. On land or “dryland” training enhances the synchronized swimmer’s cardiovascular capacity and endurance. Synchronized swimmers also practice their routines with various positions, and sequences while training out of the water. These skill training exercises prepare the swimmer both individually and collectively for Watershows and competitions.

Synchro incorporates so many sports and activities into one that some have deemed it the “it sport”, due to its holistic training! Some of these sports and activities are: all types of dance from ballet and jazz, to hip-hop and ballroom! Also diving, gymnastics, acrobatics, speed swimming, musical development, acting, yoga…synchro incorporates them all!

Athletes at the Thunder Bay Synchro club really love the performances, wearing matching bathingsuits, headpieces and fun makeup!

Synchronized swimming is a judged sport. The performance is judged on two marks: Technical Merit and Artistic Impression.

Athletes also compete individually in front of a panel of judges to perform four randomly selected figures at every competition. They are assigned a number to compete under and everyone wears a black bathing suit and white cap for figures competition.

Our Recreational Program is designed as an introduction to the sport. It gives a great opportunity to improve flexibility, aerobic conditioning and synchronized swimming skills. For more information on this part of our program follow the link to our Recreational Page!

For swimmers that love the sport and want to pursue it beyond the basics, Thunder Bay Synchro offers a competitive stream with beginner to advanced synchro levels. For more information on the competitive part of Thunder Bay Synchro’s program, follow the link to our Competitive Page!

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