Sponsoring Agencies

Thunder Bay Synchro Athlete Sponsoring Agencies

Athletic sponsoring agencies sponsor sports teams, or sponsor individuals who engage in athletic competitions. These athletes require sponsorship for registration fees, training and equipment and other essential needs while endeavouring to achieve athletic excellence. All competitive synchronized swimmers participate in a team at various out-of-town competitions, and in addition some of these athletes participate competitively as individuals or as a duet performance.

Thunder Bay agencies may benefit from sponsoring certain athletes and teams because it offers exposure to their company or product. Both the athlete and the agency benefit from a sponsorship. Others who enjoy the sport or may wish to excel at it may admire the skill of that athlete and be encouraged to support the local business who is sponsoring the athlete. Sponsors could benefit from numerous representation opportunities offered by Thunder Bay Synchro. For example, a Thunder Bay Synchro team may wear the logo or name of a particular sponsor on their team’s deck jacket, as well as the agencies representation in the Watershow Programs (Winter and Spring), and on the Thunder Bay Synchro website.

Thunder Bay Athlete Sponsoring Agencies:

  • Jumpstart

Canadian Tire Jumpstart assists athletes with costs associated with registration, equipment and/or transportation for sports and physical activity programming. Jumpstart has also lent support to unique initiatives aimed at increasing access to sports and physical activity programming.


  •  Kidsport

KidSport considers social and economic barriers facing the child’s family when determining eligibility.