Executive Board

The TBSSC Executive is made up primarily of  volunteers, typically parents who have active swimmers in the Club, and have become involved as a result of their child(ren)’s love of Synchronized Swimming. These positions are  responsible for the support and management of the Clubs operations, that provide opportunities for swimmers to develop, grow, and compete in the sport of Synchronized Swimming.

The Executive is always open to accepting new volunteers and encourage job sharing of roles. Please reach out to any of the Executive members below if you are also motivated to use your skills in contributing to the Clubs success.

President and Synchro Manitoba Board Member: Chrissie Dysievick (chrissied@tbaytel.net)
Treasurer(s): Tony Figliomeni and Melanie Figliomeni
Secretary: Jennifer Davis
Bingo Coordinator: Kathy Kortes-Miller
Registrar: Lisa Grillo
Fundraising and Clothing Coordinator: Jaimie O’Hare
Head Coach and Rec and Exhibition Coordinator: Lisa Butler
Certified Judge(s): Tony Figliomeni, Lisa Butler
Webmaster: Graham Dunville
Watershow Coordinator:
Travel Coordinator: