Recreational Registration is OPEN!

Join us in our Recreational Program for the 2017-18 Season!

Click here to access registration forms.

Registration can be mailed, along with cheque made out to Thunder Bay Synchro to Lisa Grillo, 163 Juniper Drive, P7B1W4

Or visit us on September 13th 5:00-6:30pm or September 16th 10:00-12:00am at the Lakehead University Fieldhouse for our Recreational Registration times.

NEW this season:
– fundraising buyout option $150.00
– 10% discount on registration fees if paid by June 12th, 2017 OR
– 10% discount on registration cost by recruiting 1 new swimmer
(additional 2.5% discount per new swimmer)




 Synchro Saskatchewan and Synchro Manitoba are jointly hosting the Canadian Prairie Championship 2016  – an event in synchronized swimming to bring all athletes together in celebration of our sport.  The Canadian Prairie Championship was created in the spirit of inclusion, sportsmanship and fun. TBSSC will be competing with clubs from across Canada and the United States.

CPC will be hosted the second weekend of May, May 5 – 8 at the Lawson Aquatic Centre in Regina, Saskatchewan and will be hosted by Regina Synchro.

Good Luck to all TBSSC athletes on the PURPLEGREEN, and PINK teams!!

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What is Synchro?


Synchronized swimming athletes have the power of a water polo player, the endurance of a long-distance runner, the strength of a gymnast, and the grace and elegance of a dancer. Swimmers must synchronize their movements with their teammates and the music.They must be able to execute inverted, gymnastics-like movements while holding their breath underwater.They do this in an unstable environment, never touching the bottom of the pool!

Synchronized swimming is simultaneously graceful and physically challenging.                  It is a demanding sport presented as a beautiful art form.