Spring Watershow A Success!


congratulationstbaysynchroCONGRATULATIONS to all of Thunder Bay Synchro’s swimmers who performed at the Spring Watershow on April 12th! Your routines were enjoyed by all!

THANK YOU to all volunteers who helped to make the Watershow a success!

Thanks to Bruce and Jamie for sharing their pictures!

TBaySynchro Partners with Northwest Tobacco Control Area Network!



Thunder Bay Synchro and the Northwest Tobacco Control Area Network have joined forces this season to promote Smoke Free Sport. Our message has been posted on the televisions at LU, on the club bulletin board and on the Thunder Bay Synchro website.

With the use of nose plugs, straws and balloons, the girls simulated what it would be like to exercise if they were smokers. They also participated in an activity to “Freeze the Industry” and post their message using social media. The swimmers pledged to be smoke free and received a t shirt and swim cap with the message, Synch Don’t Stink, and Proud to be Smoke Free. Two of the high school aged girls will have the opportunity to participate in a full day youth workshop on April 24.

The Recreational swimmers will have the opportunity to take the pledge at the Spring Water Show. They will receive their t-shirts, from Liz Kreitner ( NWTCAN) and have a group photo taken.

Thank you to Liz Kreitner (NWTCAN), Craig Kuzmich for designing our logo,
Bruce Johnson for photographing the event, and Jeanette Johnson for posting our message on the club website.

TBaySynchro’s Events Calendar Now Available For Digital Devices!

Thunder Bay Synchro Season Calendar now available for digital devices!

The 2014 – 2015 TBaySynchro Calendar can now be downloaded directly to your Outlook, Calendar, iCal or whatever other calendar app. you use!  Subscribe once and you will be the first to know of new TBaySynchro events!

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Bingo Volunteers Needed

Are you willing to volunteer at Bingos for the whole year in lieu of participating in other Thunder Bay Synchro fundraising? Please contact Wendy if you are interested.

TBSSCS’ main fundraiser is Bingos. Community Bingo has changed their format and now require less volunteers however they must be trained and certified.  Our club needs a group of 6 volunteers willing to do bingos for the whole year, these 6 volunteers will not have to participate in other fundraising. The club is dependent on this fundraiser financially as revenues from this fundraiser keeps annual membership fees available to more families.

Please check the website for upcoming 2015 Winter bingo dates.

  • NOTE: Bonafide members in green font on the schedule will arrive earlier
Remember you are responsible for volunteering at the bingo with your name on the schedule:

What is Synchro?


Synchronized swimming athletes have the power of a water polo player, the endurance of a long-distance runner, the strength of a gymnast, and the grace and elegance of a dancer. Swimmers must synchronize their movements with their teammates and the music.They must be able to execute inverted, gymnastics-like movements while holding their breath underwater.They do this in an unstable environment, never touching the bottom of the pool!

Synchronized swimming is simultaneously graceful and physically challenging.                  It is a demanding sport presented as a beautiful art form.